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Jesse Villavicencio, the Duke of Diligence. Your WordPress Virtual Assistant.
Jesse Villavicencio, the Duke of Diligence. Your WordPress Virtual Assistant.
Jesse Villavicencio, the Duke of Diligence. Your WordPress Virtual Assistant.

Hi there! I’m Jesse,  a Filipino Seafarer turned Virtual Professional.  I’m serving you from the Heritage Town of Taal, Batangas!

I’ve been a Third Officer onboard merchant ships for 5 years – I was in charge of handling online and offline clerical work, port documents, certifications, safely navigating the ship and some deck maintenance. I was traveling the world and earning good money. It was fun and exciting!

At least in the beginning. As I spent more time in the sea, I realized that the seafaring career is just a stepping stone for me; it is not my final destination.

Lo and behold, I heard about Virtual Careers from Jomar Hilario, one of the most prolific online marketers and Virtual Professional trainers in the Philippines. He’s been training Virtual Professionals for over 10 years and many of his students are now reaping the benefits of earning from home, from anywhere, as long as you have a decent internet connection.

I realized that the online path is what I’ll be trekking next; it’s filled with much potential in terms of profitability and career development. Definitely in line with my goals!

I continuously learn from other thought leaders in the world of Virtual Careers, freelancing, online marketing and personal development. This keeps me inspired to do diligent deeds!

Jesse calls himself the Duke of Diligence for it reflects his key value. Cultivating diligence in his life has allowed him to be a smart worker and to get along well with a wide variety of other persons. When Jesse is not on “Duke” mode, he loves to read personal development books or learn new skills. He also loves working out, dancing, riding his mountain bike and playing the piano. Jesse Villavicencio

Duke of Diligence


What People are saying about Jesse

Jesse is a jolly and hard-working guy. He is a critical thinker and gets jobs done right. He is creative in many aspects and willing to learn new things he may find useful. Greg Alex Mascardo

Second Officer / Colleague from the Academy, NYK-Fil Ship Management, Inc.

When we were on the same watch, I felt safe and at ease because I know that Jesse is a skilled Third Officer; well-versed with his duties  and responsibilities. As for his personality, he treats the whole crew with equal kindness, making sure that no one feels left out; he knows how to get along well with people. I also learned a couple of useful things from him. Joseph Bryan Sulit

Able Seaman, NYK-Fil Ship Management, Inc.

As a Third Officer, Jesse shows hard work in the bridge. Especially when it comes to routine paperworks, checklists and port documents, he always does it in advance. He is also good in navigating the ship. Dindo Esplago

Able Seaman, NYK-Fil Ship Management, Inc.


Why work with Jesse

  • You can enjoy peace of mind because Jesse has invested a considerable amount of time, effort and money to study and practice Virtual Assistant Skills so that he can offer the best possible solution for YOU and your business.
  • You can be at ease because Jesse believes that soft and people skills like active listening and adaptability to change are just as important as technical expertise. It’s how he builds friendly and professional working relationships with clients.
  • You can also benefit from Jesse’s drive to learn and innovate, ensuring that his skills are always updated and relevant to meet the goals of your business and to keep up with emerging trends. He is open and willing to undergo training, webinars, and courses so that he can get the job done for your business.
  • You can count on Jesse to finish assigned work in a timely and efficient manner because he understands how precious your time is.
  • You can be confident because Jesse will treat your business as his business. Rest assured that he will deliver the best solution for your business, and then you can both celebrate your success!
Apps and Software
My Tools
Apps & Tools I love to use: Trello, Canva, Mailchimp, LastPass, Bitly, Animoto, Google Forms, Divi Themes, WordPress Other Platforms & Tools that I use, among others: Microsoft Office 2016, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Photos, Slack, xMind (Mindmapping software), Paypal, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, InShot, HypeType, Quik, Snapseed, Legend, bitly, Grammarly, Hemmingway, Loom, Wunderlist If the tools that you need are unknown to me, I have the diligence to research and learn the skills required. I am also very open to undergo training.

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